Berlin Divided - Berlin United

"This is not just a coloring book, it's a wonderful way to explain a dark period in Berlin's history and what really happened from someone who was there. World War II ended in 1945, but not necessarily for those living in Berlin as the Communist Party kept its fists tightly clasped around East Berlin. Bibi LeBlanc takes us on a historic tour back in 1961, when a 12-foot wall was erected and guarded by sharpshooters in watchtowers and guard dogs patrolling the minefields called the "death strip." This is a story about what was lost and regained in 1989. This coloring book is exceptional and for all ages. I highly recommend it and I applaud Bibi LeBlanc!"

- Sandra Montanino

Author of The Weight of Salt

Historic and inspiring for all ages

In this unique, bilingual coloring book, Berlin Divided – Berlin United, author and Culture to Color founder, Bibi LeBlanc shares her own personal story of growing up in West Berlin during the Cold War. The wall running through the middle of her hometown was part of her everyday reality. She recounts visiting family in East-Berlin, and how she experienced the fall of the Berlin Wall. In diesem zweisprachigen Malbuch, Berlin Geteilt – Berlin Vereint, erzählt Autorin Bibi LeBlanc ihre persönliche Geschichte vom Aufwachsen in West-Berlin in der Zeit des Kalten Krieges, Besuchen in Ost-Berlin, und wie sie den Mauerfall erlebt hat.

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