Chinatown, San Francisco

"Culture to Color took care to really listen to all of our comments and concerns. Their written descriptions were so impressive. They were able to give so much history in a limited amount of space. We are hoping that this coloring book will offer many happy memories for visitors to Chinatown and serve as a learning tool for students!"

- Betty Louie

Chair, Robert Joseph Louie Memorial Fund

Featuring historic sites and stories

The Robert Joseph Louie Memorial Fund was established in memory of Robert Joseph Louie, who was a guiding force in the Chinatown community. The mission of the fund is to promote and preserve the history and culture of Chinatown through educational programs. The organization reached out to Culture to Color to create a Chinatown Heritage Coloring Book, which will serve as a happy memory for visitors and a learning tool for students. The book features many historic sites, important landmarks, and significant people in Chinatown's history. We look forward to seeing how the coloring book will inspire many for years to come.

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