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Explainer Coloring Book

You know your business best, so provide us with the content and we will create a custom-branded coloring book that is interactive, informative, and interesting!

Color your way to better branding. 

Perfect for any business or organization that is looking for custom-branded marketing material. 

Trade out your pens and keychains for one of our interactive coloring books!

One of the biggest challenges business owners in specialized fields face is not simply explaining what they offer, but educating their audience on the specific benefits of their products and services.

Familiarize your customers with your brand by providing us with your text and images to create your completely customized Explainer Coloring Book!

Custom – You Provide

Our designers will transform your pictures and text into a unique coloring book about your business!

When you provide the text and images, the time saved on research translates into big savings for you!

Provide your content
8 or 12 coloring pages
6.5in X 6.5in
Includes 250 books
Reorders available at cost of printing

$2,450 For 8 images
$3,050 For 12 images

For detailed pricing and how to order, contact a member of our team today!

“Nature’s Miracle Hemp & CBD Coloring Book:
An Illustrated Guide to Hemp & CBD”

Lynda Flores, an advocate for the holistic health movement, wanted to create a coloring book that educates people on the benefits of Hemp and CBD and the products she offers.

This coloring book includes definitions, history, and a wide range of informative text that takes the reader on a journey into the world of CBD.

Our Explainer Coloring Book gave Lynda a powerful tool that combines information and imagination, making complex concepts easy to understand and share.

A sampling of text and image pages from our custom CBD coloring book.

"People think that they know what a company is about, but this is the perfect tool to break the ice. You can carry it and it just serves its purpose as a marketing tool and conversation opener and I think it's just wonderful. I have received a lot of positive feedback. People are astonished at how unique the idea is so I'm very thankful for Culture To Color."

-Lynda Flores, "Nature's Miracle Hemp & CBD Coloring Book: An Illustrated Guide to Hemp & CBD"

To hear more from Lynda, read our "Customer Corner" blog post!

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