“Customer Corner: A Conversation With Lynda Flores

Some people carry a gentle kindness with them everywhere they go. With the way they listen, the way they engage with others, the way they always look for a need to meet. Lynda Flores is one of those people.

Lynda Flores works as an independent entrepreneur for Kannaway, the world’s premier health and wellness company. While Lynda has only been an entrepreneur in the holistic space since 2022, her interest in natural remedies stemmed from childhood.

“My father and mother never took medication. They were very healthy, of course, but they never were people that would seek out antibiotics. They always felt that things such as natural teas and herbs were the way to go before wanting to take over the counter medication.”

Her personal interest in CBD as a natural remedy grew exponentially as she conducted her own research into the science behind its believed benefits. She consulted chiropractors, massage therapists, and different holistic healers in order to learn about what the growing concerns for people working in pain management.

“People should consider CBD because it is a natural plant,” says Lynda. “It has many benefits. If you look at the history of CBD and plants and so on, CBD has been around for centuries. And the hemp plant not only gives back to the earth so it’s ecofriendly, but it has a lot of benefits. We humans, mammals, have an endocannabinoid system.”

CBD, or cannabidiol, interacts with a network of receptors throughout the human body known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for regulating a variety of functions, including mood, appetite, sleep, and immune response.

For Lynda, it is all about helping people. When asked what motivates her, Lynda makes it clear that people are at the center of everything she does.

“What motivates me is helping people. Whether you are a doctor, whether you are an office manager, I think that as humans we are always trying to help. I believe we are all trying to help in our own way.”

Lynda partnered with us to create her custom Explainer Coloring Book “Nature’s Miracle Hemp & CBD Coloring Book: An Illustrated Guide to Hemp & CBD.” This coloring book includes definitions, history, and a wide range of informative text that takes the reader on a journey into the world of CBD. Lynda sees her Explainer Coloring Book as a powerful tool that combines information and imagination, making complex concepts easy to understand and share. 

As an entrepreneur, there are countless marketing options available. Lynda knew that partnering with a company that aligned with her values and was more focused on uplifting her brand than simply closing a sale was important. 

“I wish I had met Culture To Color® earlier. I believe that would have been my first go-to. I think if I had my coloring book first from the beginning, I think it would have helped me break the ice. I think it’s very unique and I know I’ve said it before, but it’s truly something that gives you credibility. You can pass it along and open the conversation and discuss and have that one-on-one with your target audience.” 

When asked about one of the most rewarding moments in business so far, Lynda smiles and says that this very venture with Culture To Color® is at the top of the list. 

“I feel that way because her (Bibi LeBlanc) coloring books are a perfect marketing tool…They are very educational,” says Lynda. “This is the perfect marketing tool to break the ice…It’s just wonderful. I have received a lot of wonderful feedback. People are very astonished at how unique the idea is so I’m very thankful for Culture To Color®.” 

Lynda seeks out conversations that uplift those around her every day. When asked how she adds color to her life, Lynda highlights what it is that makes her a truly remarkable person. She adds color to her life by encouraging those around her as often as possible and being present in the life she has been gifted with. 

“I encourage others as I would want others to encourage me. I try to compliment every day. I try to give gratitude everyday for what I have. I just try to send out a message of love as much as I can. I just try to be kind. Just trying to think of someone else or call someone else or help someone else.” 

At the end of the day, Lynda says her goal is to bring people some relief. She is filled with joy when people tell her that her products have aided them with digestion, getting better sleep, or managing stress. Lynda understands that we are all human and we are all deserving of a life worth living that is full of joy and free of pain. 

“When we are not well, we tend to lash out. We tend to not be at our best and no one should feel in pain. No one should feel overworked. No one should feel overstressed if there are solutions out there that may help them.”

To learn more about Lynda and the benefits of CBD, go to lyndaflores.kannaway.com or follow her on Facebook @lynda.flores.54 or on Instagram @kannawaybylynda.

Lyndas Website : https://lyndaflores.kannaway.com/

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