Halloween will be here before you know it! It’s a great holiday that allows people to break from their normal day-to-day lives and be a different person for a few hours. I love dressing up and showing off my creativity, but what I love the most are the Halloween-themed parties!

I invite you to get to know how my family celebrates Halloween, as I share my budget friendly Halloween decorations ideas, Halloween recipes, and how to throw a Spooktacular Halloween party without breaking the bank.

My name is Maresa, and I have been a team member of Culture to Color since its inception in 2018. The team at Culture to Color has decided to let its members contribute to the blog posts to explore a wide variety of topics from different points of view. I love Halloween, so I have decided to use this opportunity to write my first blog for Culture to Color about my Halloween tradition.

I will let you in on a little secret about myself, I LOVE to throw parties, and Halloween is my favorite holiday to host. The decorations, the costumes, the spooky-themed recipes, what is not to love? Other than Christmas or a summer Luau, there are few opportunities to go all out for a party without looking crazy. Although, if you ask my husband, he would say I hit the crazy mark with Halloween.

Where my love for Halloween Began

When I was nine years old, I attended my first Halloween party. My friend’s parents went nuts with the decorations, food, games, and we even bobbed for apples! That party was my first introduction to how much fun a Halloween party could be. As a child, my imagination was wild. I envisioned myself as a grownup, hosting the most fabulous Halloween parties, decorated like a scene from a movie. I used to tell my parents, “when I grow up, my Halloween parties are going to be the event of the season.” I am not sure I knew what that meant, but it sounded good to me.

My First Halloween Party

In my early twenties, I bought my first home. At the closing, all I could think was, “I finally have the space to host my first Halloween party!” As most of you know, the twenties plus new homeowner equals very little money. I was not going to be discouraged. After all, I have imagined this day since I was 9. I could not let my financial situation crush little me’s dream, so I called a meeting with my roommates, and we began to come up with a plan. We knew we could not afford to supply food and drinks for everyone at the party, but I remembered when I was a kid, my mom would host a potluck once a month. I used to think it was some weird thing older people did. My mom was only in her twenties when she hosted those parties. At that moment, I realized it was not an old person thing. It was a monetarily challenged twenty-something thing. That was when I came up with my Halloween tradition, the Halloween Potluck Party!

With donated decorations and a ton of cheap spiderwebs, my roommates and I got to work transforming my house the best we could. The party was better than I could have imagined! Everyone dressed up and brought some interesting Halloween-themed dishes. We had dips, casseroles, desserts; someone even brought a pot of soup with a fake skeleton head in it! We laid out the food on the dining room table, the kitchen counters, and a card table I pulled out from the garage. I had never seen so much food at any party my guests outdid themselves. We learned a lot about throwing parties that year!

The Halloween Tradition Continues

Guests love to share their recipes, so let them. Decorating for a Halloween Party on a budget is possible, and most importantly, never use a fog machine indoors. That first Halloween came up in conversations for years, and we all agreed, what made it so memorable was the food; it gave everyone a chance to express their creativity and share a bit of themselves.

As the twenty-something became a forty-something, the years passed, and my decoration collection continued to grow. Now with the help of my daughter Marlene, it takes us about a month to fully decorate. October 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of my Halloween Potluck Party, which continues to be a success. With this year’s party right around the corner, we are already in full swing of the Halloween spirit. Over the years, the party has morphed into an event! This year, we have a DJ, mummy wrapping, a scavenger hunt, trunk-r-treat, and a haunted trail.

I encourage everyone to have at least one Halloween Potluck Party in their lifetime. Break out the decorations, dust off your old costume, and remember what it feels like to be a kid on Halloween. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Thank you for being part of my Halloween tradition, and Happy Halloween!

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