Is Your Organization Ready to Commission a Coloring Book?

Coloring books aren’t just for kids any more. Millions of adults have rediscovered the health and relaxation benefits of coloring, and are always in the market for new and unique books.

Companies, municipalities and organizations like yours are catching on: This is a golden opportunity for those who have a good story to tell.

Telling stories is the basis of our creative process and we love getting to know our clients, discovering their colors, and publishing beautiful, timeless coloring books to help them spread the word.

If you are looking to infuse creativity into your outreach, but aren’t sure how to incorporate a coloring book into your existing efforts, read on for the top five signs that you are ready to collaborate with Culture to Color and send your own custom coloring book out into the world.

1. Your outreach and/or marketing has cycled through the usual formulas and you’re hoping to find something new.

In our experience, none of the standard marketing attempts are as interactive and fresh as a coloring book—in large part because the public is inundated with repetitive, formulaic pieces that start to look and sound the same.

A Culture to Color book is highly interactive, engaging the user for literally hours on end while providing relaxation and restoring mental focus.

As a form of outreach, a coloring book will also outlive any other kind of marketing material. Brochures, magazine ads, digital marketing—all of them have a shelf life, but Culture to Color provides a medium that retains its power to reach new audiences and capture their attention.

2. You want to make your destination or organization more colorful.

One way to think of a Culture to Color book is that it provides a fun and engaging history lesson, drawing your readers into the images of the story and giving them a creative role in the learning process.

Our customers love the educational aspect of our books, since they can learn as they create. For you, this means potentially thousands of people who will engage with your culture through the playful, rewarding experience of creative coloring.

3. You’re ready to tell your story in a medium more distinguished and lasting than social media.

We all know the feeling: That story you put so much effort into planning and executing gets a handful of momentary engagements, then fades into obscurity sooner than you expected.

The problem is not your followers. The problem is the medium.

With a Culture to Color book, you get to design the story knowing that your readers will be delighted to spend hours with the pages you are creating. And your coloring book will remain a valuable outreach vehicle indefinitely.

4. You have rich culture, history and traditions to share with the world.

At Culture to Color, we tell stories that help readers get to know the destinations they are coloring on the page. Content that is rich in visuals while conveying a sense of place is the heart of a memorable coloring book.

If you are struggling to think of 35 designs to include in your book, not to worry—we bring a lot of creative energy (and fresh eyes) to the process. We will help you identify dozens of colorful ideas that capture the essence of your community or culture!

5. You’re looking for a fresh way to create community.

Coloring may have begun as a solitary pursuit, but it’s increasingly common to see coloring enthusiasts gather for special events centered around this fun, relaxing activity.

Rarely do traditional marketing efforts have the effect of bringing people together and getting them talking about your story. But with Culture to Color, you can reach new audiences and give them a creative experience they will associate with your organization or destination.

Once your book is finished, we will assist you in coordinating a launch party with some of your most supportive friends, staff and clients, rewarding their loyalty and creating excitement around your book at the same time.

There’s never been a better time to publish your own coloring book.

If you’re interested in creating a Culture to Color book, but not sure how it all works, click here to visit our Process page and learn more.

To find out how we got started and why we’re so passionate about coloring, please visit our Purpose page.

And if you have any questions about creating a coloring book for your organization, contact us today!

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