Tuscany, Italy

"Being a dual-citizen l'italo-americano living in Italia, I found this adult coloring book quite entertaining and useful for a beginner who is coming to Toscana for their first time and enjoys the art of coloring. Culture to Color has included great stories and history behind each of the pictures and an easy to follow translation that will aid any novice speaker attempting to find their way around Italia and speak a few "parole italiane." The vivid stories that discuss the beautiful food, culture and activities in the region are authentic and interesting. Whether you are traveling to Italia for your first time, or just visiting our beloved Toscana from home, this is a creative way to learn and express yourself."

- Luke Lombardo


Tuscany in full color

Let travel-savvy Culture to Color take you on thirty-seven colorable adventures, including a Vespa ride through the countryside, a scenic hot air balloon ride, wine tasting at a local vineyard, and shopping for fresh foods at a charming street market. The designs are beautiful. The paper quality is excellent. And each image is accompanied by travel information and fun facts presented in both English and Italian. Explore Food & Wine of Tuscany, Italy invites you to immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of Tuscany, Italy, one page at a time and without ever having to leave home. All you need are your coloring supplies and your sense of adventure!

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