Custom Branded
Explainer Coloring Book*

The ultimate marketing tool for Real Estate Professionals.

*An Explainer Coloring Book is a visual marketing tool that combines illustrations and explanatory text to convey information on various subjects, encouraging active engagement with your customers.

Color your way to better branding. 

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Sample Book

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Our Sample Book showcases the content and quality of Homebuying Made Easy – A Step-by-Step Guide, showing exactly how the custom book works and where your branding goes.

6.5in X 6.5in Design Sample
The exact template we use to create your custom-branded book
We pay for the book, and you cover the shipping.

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White Label

Want to test the waters?

Our White Label Explainer Coloring Book is an excellent marketing tool to engage your buyers and leave a lasting impression.

6.5in X 6.5in
Designed for Real Estate Professionals
Space to add your business card
1 Package Includes 25 Books

includes Shipping

Custom Book

Ready to really stand out from your competition?

Our custom-branded Explainer Coloring Book is the ultimate marketing tool for brand recognition.

6.5in X 6.5in
Designed for Real Estate Professionals
Custom-branded front & back
cover and interior
Includes 250 books
Shipping Included

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Why Homebuying Made Easy Is Perfect For Your Business!

Create Connection

Build meaningful relationships with your customers through our innovative Explainer Coloring Book, fostering a sense of connection that goes beyond transactions. The book's interactive nature sparks engagement, making the homebuying journey a memorable experience for you and your customers.

Homebuying Made Easy

Simplify the complex world of real estate with our step-by-step Explainer Coloring Book. Customers gain a clear understanding of the homebuying process, empowering them to navigate confidently and make informed decisions. This resource ensures a smoother journey to their dream home.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Ensure your customers will be talking about your business long after you hand them a business card.

 Our Explainer Coloring Book educates and serves as a unique keepsake, reminding customers of your dedication to their success. Your commitment to making their homebuying journey enjoyable and educational stands out. 

Are you a Real Estate Professional, Mortgage Lender, or Title Agent?
Then This is Perfect for You!

Elevate your marketing approach with a tool tailored for real estate professionals. Our Explainer Coloring Book adds a distinctive touch to your strategy, positioning you as a resourceful and caring expert. Strengthen customer relationships and stand out in a competitive market with this creative marketing asset.

“A lot of realtors, they do the standard. You’ve got the keychains, the pens, the cheeseboards, the bottles of wine, the backpacks, the full page ads for marketing, ads at the movie theater, aerial videos, professional videos,” says Kathy Aparo-Griffin. “Those are all the tools that everybody uses, but what’s nice is this is different. It’s fresh. It’s new. It’s cute. It fits in your purse. I can’t put a cheese board in my purse.”      (+1) 386.228.5147.      P. O. Box 3343, DeLand, FL 32721

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