Our Purpose Is

To inspire connection
and create community through coloring.

It started with a love of travel and storytelling.

Everywhere we went, in every business and every organization, we found stories just waiting to be told—and we started asking, “How can we bring these stories to light? The world of business is full of colorful stories. We know discovering and sharing those stories is the best way to start a conversation with your audience.

We Believe . . .

. . . the world is a fascinating place, and the best stories too often go untold. Culture to Color transports you into a world of innovative marketing that will leave a lasting impression and cultivate a deeper connection with your audience.

In Telling Stories

We specialize in creating custom Explainer Coloring Books for businesses, organizations, and destinations. Our unique approach blends information and imagination, making complex concepts easy to understand and share.

You Can Color

Elevate your brand through the pages of an interactive coloring book. Our outside-the-lines marketing concept combines illustrations and explanatory text, encouraging active engagement with your audience.

Our Founder

Bibi LeBlanc is an entrepreneur and world traveler with a passion for storytelling and creating community.

Born and raised in West Berlin during the Cold War, she received her education in business administration before embarking on a career as a flight attendant. She fell in love with the sport of skydiving and moved to the skydiving capital of the world in Florida, where she raised her three sons.

As the founder and CEO of Culture to Color®, she uses her experiences to create Explainer Coloring Books as marketing tools for businesses, organizations, and destinations, bringing the beauty and diversity of the world to new audiences. She is a #1 Amazon Bestseller and has won numerous book awards for her destination coloring books.

Our Story

In 2018, Bibi LeBlanc was invited to exhibit some of her photography in a gallery in California, where she stumbled upon a coloring book created by a local artist featuring his pictures. Intrigued by the concept, Bibi envisioned creating something similar for DeLand, FL, her adopted hometown in the States, and decided to dive in. A few months later, Explore the Sights of DeLand was published, marking the beginning of her journey into creating destination coloring books.

Inspired by her experiences, Bibi went on to produce books about New Smyrna, where her family had spent considerable time, and Mount Dora, a charming town she admired. With each publication, Bibi's passion for creating culturally enriching coloring books grew stronger. Today, she has published several titles under the banner of Culture to Color®, marking the realization of her vision.

Our Purpose

Today, we work with organizations that are looking for a unique marketing tool. Culture to Color® designs and publishes high-end, content-rich, custom Explainer Coloring Books* that creatively highlight the unique characteristics, culture, and history of destinations, and organizations, and nonprofits, in images and text—which is a unique concept for coloring books. 

We familiarize ourselves with your brand, your vision, and your target audience to ensure your custom Explainer Coloring Book is the ideal calling card for your business, organization, or destination.

We would love to partner with you today!

*Custom Explainer Coloring Books - An Explainer Coloring Book is a visual marketing tool that combines illustrations and explanatory text to convey information on various subjects, encouraging active engagement with your customers.

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